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About Us

We THE WEDSHOTS is the team you want to see hopping around on your special day. This passionately dedicated and experienced team of photographers, video-graphers, directors would travel miles and cross rivers just to capture that magical moment for you.

. We carve your memories in a way that you thank us even after a decade of your d-day. From portfolio shoots to pre-wedding shoots, from concept to direction

we have a talented team to take care of everything you need, everything you dream of. Creating a friendly yet professional attitude towards photography we do not miss out on any happening.
The liveliness the colour the joy the music and dancing the dressing up the worry the emotions and most of all the knitting of two lives as one is what we can give you to cherish as memories for life. For any query +91 9992424070

What we do

We do not believe in clicking pictures, we believe in seizing the emo-tions, the memories. We keep introducing vivid and vibrant ideas to make your events innovatively special.

What we love

Tying the knot and promising to be with someone for the rest of your days ! Your better half and you and the union of two families is what weddings are all about .

What we believe in

We believe that marriages are a promise of forever, synonymous to "...and they lived happily ever after." We are here to encapsulate your "happily ever after" .


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